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Watch The Moment Kalidou Koulibaly Called John Terry To Ask If He Could Be Chelsea's New No.26

Kalidou Koulibaly is set to become the first player since John Terry to wear Chelsea's no.26 shirt in the Premier League this weekend.

The squad number had been vacant at Stamford Bridge from the moment former captain Terry left in 2017 until Koulibaly arrived from Napoli this summer.

Koulibaly had worn no.26 at Napoli for the past eight seasons so it made sense for him to keep the number following his switch from Serie A.

But Koulibaly wanted to speak to Terry first to make sure he had the blessing of the jersey's former occupant.

Koulibaly recorded his conversation with Terry, which took place on July 15, and posted a video of it to Twitter this week.

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In the video, Koulibaly says to Terry: "John, I wanted to ask you something because like you know, I played with the 26 in Napoli and I see that, since you left the club, nobody has taken the 26.

"I don't know if you retired it or if nobody wants to take it, but I wanted to ask you if it's possible to take it?"

Terry replies: "Listen, the 26 was very special to me. I really appreciate you calling and it's no problem for me for you to take it, absolute pleasure.

"I wish you well because I know how important the number was to me and I've obviously seen you wear 26 as well so, it's my pleasure mate, I give you the 26."

Chelsea begin the new season with a trip to Goodison Park to play Everton on Saturday.

Kalidou Koulibaly pictured in action for Chelsea during a 2022 pre-season friendly against Udinese

Kalidou Koulibaly pictured in action for Chelsea during a pre-season friendly against Udinese