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Watch Jose Mourinho Feature In New Music Video With UK Rapper Stormzy

Iconic soccer manager Jose Mourinho has linked up with UK rap star Stormzy in a new music video.

Former Real Madrid boss Mourinho, who is now in charge of Italian club Roma, makes a cameo appearance in Stormzy's video for his latest track 'Mel Made Me Do It'.

The video was released on YouTube this week and features Mourinho holding a finger over his mouth, standing next to Stormzy pulling the same pose.

Jose Mourinho pictured (right) in a music video with UK rapper Stormzy

Jose Mourinho pictured (right) in a music video with UK rapper Stormzy

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Mourinho's shushing stance is seen as Stormzy delivers the line: "They love to talk about the old days, the man are old like 'Annie, are you OK?', I prefer not to speak, like I'm Jose."

Audio of Mourinho delivering one of his most famous quotes then plays over the track: "I prefer really not to speak. If I speak, I am in big trouble."

Mourinho first said these words in a TV interview in 2014 after Chelsea lost to Aston Villa. It was his way of refusing to directly criticize the referee, which would likely have resulted in him being punished by the Football Association.

Posting on Instagram this week, Mourinho shared two photos of himself and Stormzy along with the caption: "Was great fun doing this cameo for Stormzy's new music video out today.

"I had a great time and it’s great to see him wearing @matilde.jewellery."

Matilde Jewellery is a brand founded by Mourinho's daughter.