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(Video) How Real Madrid Are Using Robots During Free-Kick Practice

European champions Real Madrid have been using robots to defend free-kicks during training sessions this season.

Most professional clubs use static mannequins to form defensive walls during set-piece practice.

But Real have upgraded to mechanical mannequins that jump after the free-kick is taken, just like real defenders.

Real Madrid's mechanical mannequins, as used during free-kick practice

Real Madrid are using mechanical mannequins during free-kick practice

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Real shared footage of players, including Toni Kroos and Luka Modric, trying to beat the robots, which all come decorated in the style of the club's famous home kit and with Ronaldo-esque abdominals.

Training with robots may well be working because Real captain Karim Benzema scored direct from a free-kick last weekend in a 3-1 win at Espanyol.

Real boss Carlo Ancelotti revealed last month that his son Davide, who is his assistant manager, had been "working a lot on the set-pieces" this summer.