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Saudi Arabia Could Still Be Next For Cristiano Ronaldo Despite Summer Snub

Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly considering the idea of a mid-season move to Saudi Arabia.

The 37-year-old wanted to leave Manchester United in the summer to join a team competing in the UEFA Champions League but no such club made a viable offer.

However, Ronaldo did receive a proposal worth £2 million per week from an unnamed Saudi club, according to The Mirror.

That offer was rejected but Ronaldo is now said to be reassessing the idea of playing in the Saudi Pro League.

Any move cannot take place before the FIFA World Cup, which is being held near Saudi Arabia in neighboring Qatar during November and December.

The winter transfer window in Saudi Arabia is due to open on January 1.

Cristiano Ronaldo pictured at Old Trafford in 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo could leave Manchester United in January

Signing a player of Ronaldo's status would be a massive coup for Saudi soccer.

Saudi Arabian Football Federation president Yasser Al-Misehal recently told The Athletic: "We would love to see a player like Cristiano Ronaldo playing in the Saudi league.

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"It would bring a huge positive feedback and it would be big news for everyone. I'm sure everyone knows the achievements and records of Cristiano Ronaldo, but also as a player who is a great role model.

"I think, 'Why not?'. I'm sure it would be a very expensive deal, of course, but we can see our clubs getting higher revenues in the past couple of years. We have already seen some big players who used to play in the Premier League come to the Saudi league.

"I like Cristiano Ronaldo as a player and I would like to see him play in Saudi Arabia."

Asked if Ronaldo could possibly come to a Saudi club in January, Al-Misehal added: "To be honest, I don't have the answer.

"If I was the president of a club, I could give you the answer. But my colleagues at the clubs don't have to share their negotiations with me.

"It wouldn't be an easy transaction for a Saudi club or even for him, but we would love to see him or even some other top players of the same level."

Ronaldo's contract with United is due to expire in June 2023.

He has featured in all seven of United's games this season, but only twice as a starter.

Ronaldo has yet to score or assist in around five hours of game-time this season.