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Why PSG Want To Sell Neymar And The Two Reasons That Will Likely Mean They Cannot

Paris Saint-Germain's signing of Neymar from Barcelona in 2017 made a big statement.

By activating the €222 million buyout clause in his Barca contract, PSG sent a message to their future rivals to make it clear that they were ready to disrupt Europe's footballing landscape.

Neymar not only became the most expensive player ever in 2017 but his jaw-dropping transfer more than doubled the previous world record.

Although injuries restricted his game-time significantly, Neymar was unquestionably the main man in Paris for the first year.

But the emergence of Kylian Mbappe as a world-class forward in the 2018/19 season began to threaten Neymar's status.

Paris Saint-German forward Neymar pictured in May 2022

Neymar is no longer Paris Saint-Germain's main man

Fast-forward to this summer and Mbappe has emphatically replaced Neymar as PSG's top boy, while the 2021 arrival of Lionel Messi has arguably demoted the Brazilian to third on the list of the club's most influential stars.

French journalist Julien Laurens told Sky Sports News this week: "This is not Neymar's team anymore.

"It is very much Kylian Mbappe's team and if they had an offer for him [Neymar] they would certainly let him go."

Kylian Mbappe pictured (left) celebrating a goal for PSG with teammate Neymar in April 2022

Kylian Mbappe has replaced Neymar as PSG's most influential player

Why PSG Want To Sell Neymar

Neymar is on a huge salary. Prior to Mbappe signing his game-changing deal this summer, Neymar had been the top earner in Ligue 1, ahead of Messi.

He is still a fine player who has plenty to offer, but his role in the team no longer aligns with his salary.

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Neymar is under contract until 2025, with that deal set to auto-extend until 2027 next month.

It would be very helpful for PSG if they could sell him before then - and the sooner the better.

With Neymar still on the payroll, even a financial superpower like PSG are slightly restricted as they look to build a new team fit to conquer Europe.

But getting Neymar off the payroll will not be easy.

Why PSG Will Find It Hard To Sell Neymar


While there are many top teams in Europe that would love to have Neymar on the pitch, very few if any of them can afford to match what he is currently earning in Paris.

Laurens explained: "It's more than big, it's a huge problem because of his wages. 

"When you earn over 40 million euros a year... I don't think anyone can really afford that right now.

"So it would be either Neymar takes a pay-cut or PSG loan him out and share the wages."

Neymar celebrates after scoring his 100th goal for Paris Saint-Germain

PSG will likely find it impossible to find another club willing to match Neymar's current salary

Neymar Wants To Stay

No move can happen without the consent of the player. And right now, Neymar is showing no desire to leave.

Laurens added: "Right now he doesn't want to go anywhere. He wants to stay in Paris.

"PSG have opened the door wide. They have opened the windows as well. Everything is open for him to go.

"I just think this one is too difficult because he is so keen on staying at the club and making it work with the new manager."