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Todd Boehly Urges Premier League To Learn From American Sports As He Proposes All-Star Game

Chelsea owner Todd Boehly wants the Premier League to follow the lead of American sports and generate even more income.

Boehly has only been involved in the Premier League since May when his consortium completed its takeover at Stamford Bridge.

But he is already eyeing big changes.

Boehly is heavily involved in Major League Baseball in the US where he owns 20 percent of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

MLB held its 92nd All-Star Game, between the American League and the National League, in July. Boehly believes that a similar event could work in England and generate significant funds that could be given to the English Football League.

Speaking at the Salt conference this week, Boehly said: "Ultimately, I hope the Premier League takes a little bit of a lesson out of the American sports teams and really start to think about why don't we do a tournament with the bottom four teams.

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"People are talking about why don't we have more money for the pyramid? MLB did their all-star game this year. They made $200 million from a Monday and a Tuesday. You could do a North vs South all-star game from the Premier League to fund the pyramid very easily."

Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly pictured at Stamford Bridge in August 2022

Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly pictured at Stamford Bridge in August 2022

Boehly's suggestion of an inter-league exhibition game is likely to cause excitement and debate.

But it would be a logistical nightmare.

The first issue would be where to fit such a fixture into an already-crammed schedule.

It would likely work best in the summer during pre-season but player availability is often uncertain at this time and surely an all-star event would only truly work if all the stars were involved.

Such an event would also almost certainly need to take place outside of the United Kingdom. The idea that thousands of British fans of Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool might willingly and harmoniously come together to support a northern XI is sadly unrealistic.