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Nasser Al-Khelaifi Wants Future PSG Team To Only Include Players From Paris

Paris Saint-Germain president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has revealed that he is dreaming of a future where his club can field a team of "only Parisian players".

PSG made Paris-born Kylian Mbappe the world's highest-paid soccer star this summer.

Fellow PSG stars Lionel Messi, from Argentina, and Brazilian Neymar are also among world soccer's top earners right now.

But it is Al-Khelaifi's "goal" that locally-developed stars will one day replace big-name imports from around the globe.

PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi pictured in May 2022

Nasser Al-Khelaifi wants to build a PSG team full of players from Paris

Al-Khelaifi outlined his vision in a recent interview with Le Parisien.

"We want players who love the club, who love to fight, who love to win," said Al-Khelaifi. "And we want this mentality to spread throughout the club."

It has been widely reported that PSG are keen to sell Neymar this summer.

Khelaifi was asked: "You tell us that this is the end of bling-bling in Paris, but Neymar is the prototype of the bling-bling player. Does he still have a future at PSG?"

The PSG president replied: "What I can tell you is that we expect all the players to do much more than they did last season. Much more!

Paris Saint-German forward Neymar pictured in May 2022

PSG are believed to be open to offers for Neymar

"They all have to be at 100%. Obviously, we weren't good enough to go far [in the Champions League]. For next season, the objective is clear: work every day at 200%, give everything we have for this shirt, give the maximum and we'll see the result.

"We must become humble again. We have to change to avoid injuries, suspensions and fouls that turn a match upside down.

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"We have to stop saying: 'We want to win this and that and that'. We build. You have to be disciplined, on and off the pitch. Anyone who wants to stay in their comfort zone, who doesn't want to fight, will stay on the sidelines.

"And we have to create a real team, find a real collective spirit. That will be the mission of the new coach. We want players who are proud to represent PSG and ready to fight every day."

A report by L'Equipe in March claimed that the 14 highest-earning players in France all belonged to PSG.

In his interview with Le Parisien, it was put to Khelaifi that "many players are for sale but none of them want to leave. Are they paid too much in Paris?"

But Khelaifi hit back: "No, just compare with the salaries of clubs abroad. Perhaps they simply don't have any offers...

"The Covid period has greatly reduced the market and the means of the clubs. This is also a reality. Now, PSG's position is clear: Players who are not part of the project will have to leave. Some have taken advantage of the situation, now it's over!"

PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi pictured (left) holding up a shirt printed with "Mbappe 2025" after Kylian Mbappe (right) signed a new contract

Al-Khelaifi pictured with Kylian Mbappe (right) after the Paris-born forward signed a new contract in May

After being asked if he planned to sign more French players to change the mentality at PSG, Khelaifi said: "We are here for a long time. We're going to have the best training center in the world. My goal for the next few years is to have only Parisian players in our team.

"There is so much talent in our region. The best players from our region deserve to play for PSG. It will take time, but it is a goal."

Al-Khelaifi's vision of building an all-French team - let alone an all-Parisian one - that can compete with Europe's best looks a long way off.

PSG are one of the most cosmopolitan clubs in world soccer.

The 25 players who made at least five appearances for PSG in Ligue 1 last season represent 11 different countries at international level.

Of those 25 players, 20 play for a country other than France.