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Mikel Arteta's Fallout With Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Aired In Arsenal Documentary

The Amazon documentary covering the inner workings of Arsenal FC has shone a light on what happened before Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang left the club in February.

Episodes four to six in the latest series of All or Nothing were released in the UK on Thursday and the main storyline is Aubameyang's fallout with Arteta.

Aubameyang was released by Arsenal on February 1 earlier this year before joining Barcelona on a free transfer the following day.

His departure came just weeks after manager Arteta had removed the Gabon international from his role as Arsenal captain.

In episode four of the documentary, in footage filmed in December 2021, we see Arteta informing his squad that Aubameyang is no longer their skipper.

Arteta's decision to remove Aubameyang from the position of captain and subsequently from the club was apparently due to repeated disciplinary breaches.

In one scene, Arteta is captured talking to a press officer about how he has made a long and detailed list of Aubameyang's misconduct.

Arteta, who is seemingly unaware that he is being filmed at this time, says: "That's why I have everything documented with the dates, the times, the conversation, how it happened, why it happened, because if one day it's needed...

"He's been late, apart from all the issues, many times. When you get paid that much money…"

Later on in the documentary, while speaking into a camera, Arteta adds: "When I looked in his eyes and I saw and I felt what I felt, that level of trust was gone.

"It's a really difficult decision - in the middle of the season and with the most important player of the club. But if you put all these ingredients together and still, the decision is clear, you have to make it."

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Mikel Arteta pictured in conversation during Liverpool vs Arsenal in 2021

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Mikel Arteta pictured in conversation during an Arsenal game in November 2021

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Arteta had earlier said of Aubameyang: "I was really happy when he agreed to extend his contract.

"We agreed and set some objectives. I made some compromises, in terms of what he could expect from me. I demand the same things. If somebody breaks some of the non-negotiables, that's a really difficult point."

Another interesting scene shows Aubameyang talking to a teammate after being on the receiving end of disciplinary action.

"They asked me if, like, I wanted to speak with them again," says Aubameyang, before shaking his head and smirking."

Aubameyang scored 92 Arsenal goals in 163 games before being dropped by Arteta. He then netted 11 times in 17 league appearances for Barcelona last season.

Asked in the documentary whether it was easy to support Arteta's stance on the team's top scorer, technical director Edu says: "No.

"How many goals Aubameyang scores... how much the fans like Aubameyang... how much the players like him to be around."

Arteta Showed Arsenal Players Toney Tweet

In episode six of the documentary, it is revealed that Arteta showed his team a tweet from Ivan Toney in an attempt to motivate them to beat Brentford in February.

Brentford striker Toney had made fun of Arsenal after his side beat them 2-0 in the first game of the 2021/22 season in August.

Toney's tweet, which intimated that beating Arsenal was easy, had read: "Nice kickabout with the boys."

It clearly got to Arteta, who told his team in the locker room: "It's still in my stomach and I have managed to keep it for four months, five months, six months."

Arsenal went on to beat Brentford 2-1.