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Liverpool Fans Taunt Kurt Zouma With Inflatable Kittens As "Cats' Lives Matter" Flies Over Anfield

Liverpool fans taunted Kurt Zouma on Saturday to remind the West Ham defender that his abusive behavior towards his cat had not been forgotten.

Zouma hit the headlines last month after footage of him gleeful kicking and hitting one of his pets went viral.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals later took Zouma's cats off him and West Ham fined him.

But despite the RSPCA's action and public condemnation, West Ham resisted calls to drop Zouma, who has had played every minute of their last four matches.

Zouma has been booed by fans at every game he has played in since the shocking video came to light.

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He was again jeered at Anfield on Saturday but some Liverpool fans went one step further.

A giant inflatable cat face is seen at Anfield during Liverpool's game with West Ham

A giant inflatable cat face with the words "KICK ME" was seen at Anfield

A group of Reds supporters brought inflatable cats and kittens to the stadium.

One giant inflatable cat's face was seen in the stands, with a piece of paper reading "KICK ME" stuck to its forehead.

A plane also flew over Anfield towing the message: "CATS' LIVES MATTER".

On the pitch, Liverpool won 1-0 thanks to a first-half goal from Sadio Mane.

Mane was set up by Trent Alexander-Arnold, who has now provided 16 assists in all competitions this season - making it his most prolific campaign to date.